Why train your dog at home?

What brought you here? You love your dog (or any other pet), am I right? In our love for animals, we have created a platform for customised and tailor-made dog training, dog walking, pet sitting and behavioural solution packages. No over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all mumbo jumbo. Our pets deserve individual attention, love and care. After all, they’re family. So that’s what drives us.

And who are we? We, that is me, Dave, a professional dog trainer with experience in animal psychology, behavioural solutions and a deep love for animals. We is also my partner, Kat, animal lover, cat whisperer and horse shrink of note. Our varied and extensive background in animals, animal care and our dedication to The Woof Academy set us apart.

The Woof Academy is slightly different to your usual gung-ho dog school. We do not believe in jam-packed classes, long car rides, stressful situations, public fields littered with glass… we’re shuddering at the mere thought!

Training and learning should be your dog’s favourite thing EVER. Other than loving you, of course. That is why stress, anxiety, fear and risks should be eliminated from the training environment. So how does all this work?

We come to you, chat to you and your family about your dog, assess your dog, and discuss your needs.

Then it’s off to the drawing board (or the woof-room, as we like to call it) where we construct solutions, programmes and plans for you.

And that’s where the fun starts! Weekly training sessions, walks, socializing and training tips for you and the whole family. Our reason (and the reason for our success) is that by coming to you, the dog learns new rules, new tricks, and new behavior in the environment he needs to use these in. There is no paradigm shift and no confusion. You, your spouse, your children and whoever else is involved can all be a part of this, thus enabling your entire family to work towards the same common goal.

Over and above our awesome training solutions, we also offer pet sitting, dog walking and puppy socialising outings. Give us a shout, pop us a message or send a carrier pigeon – no dog, no budget and no need are too big or too small for us!