FAQ's about dogs

Q: My dog growls a lot. Is this normal?

A: Short answer, yes. Your dog will growl for a multitude of reasons. These can range from shyness all the way to anxiety. Usually a growl can be constituted as a form of warning, try not to correct this as it may lead to further escalation of his aggresive behaviour. 

Q: How do i socialize my new puppy/older dog?

A: Your new puppy/older dog requires as many new social experiences as he can get. These experiences need to be calm and under control. It's best not to start off at the local dog park as the dogs found there are likely to be more advanced than your new pet and this may cause the opposite affect you are aiming for. Going to established puppy classes and such is a good idea as the environment will be stable and under supervision, bring treats with as this will help reinforce any good behavior. 

Q: My new puppy nips at the kids whilst they play in the garden. How do I stop this?

A: This kind of behavior from a puppy is completely normal. Remember for them life is just a big game, so act accordingly. Calming them and going to puppy training will help ease the pent up energy. Keeping treats on your person to reinforce any good behavior will also help.

Q: My dog chews on everything. What's the deal?

A: There are many likely factors involved here. If the chewing is new, consult your vet. If not it could mean boredom, teething for younger pups or possibly anxiety. To help curb this give your pet some toys or go out for walks every other day.

Q: My new puppy/older dog lunges a lot. Is this normal and how do i stop it?

A: There are many answers to this question with the main ones being your dog is either excited to see you or acting territorial. To help stop this keeping your dog on a leash wont always correct the scenario. Ignoring the dog helps, remember to praise good behavior. 

Q: How much time do I need to be spending with my dog?

A: Dogs are social animals, they require as much time as you can spare. Walks and obedience training can be factored in as time spent so long as there is some fun time as well. 

Some valuable questions to ask before selecting a new dog for your home:

  • If possible, can you see the dam and if possible the sire?
  • Are the pups being raised in a family setting or kennel?
  • Are there any health problems that occur in this breed?
  • Have you noticed any of these problems in the parents? 
  • Request a copy of the sire and dam's lineage/pedigree.
  • How many puppies were in the litter?
  • Were there any difficulties during delivery of the litter?
  • How often do you breed with the bitch?
  • Has the dog been spayed or neutered yet?
  • Have they been to the vet yet? Wormed? Shots?
  • How many different breeds have you bred? How many breeds are you breeding now?