Why dogs make ideal emotional support alternatives.

Everyone stresses out, we all do. For some it just goes a little bit further than the average burn out - and there's nothing wrong with that, we are all human and we all work through things differently. But what if you are really struggling? To a point where you feel there is no hope and life just has a never ending blank horizon? If you have tried everything and found that nothing has worked or you are looking for an answer, the answer is simple - get a dog. 

Dogs make great emotional support companions for many reasons - let's have a look below to see why.

1. They have emotions too. Dogs can feel just as happy or sad as you do. They might not show emotion like we do but they have a far greater understanding of how you feel than you realize. Being protective by nature doesn't just end at the physical barrier - it ends at the emotional barrier.

2. They're supportive. You dog will NEVER ever say no to you. Bottom line. Your canine will support you through the hardest, most emotional days of your life and will  ask for nothing in return - only your undying love and dedication to them.

3. They are there for you when you need them most, always. Because your dog has such a strong feeling for emotions they will always pick up when you're sad, happy, angry or excited. Every. Single. Time. They may jump on you as a result but they will eventually calm down and hang around in case they are needed.

4. Dogs are more like us than we will ever realize. They stress eat like we do, have fun like we do, get anxious just like we do and also feel anger like we do. Seen as we can relate so much with them that surely makes them an ideal emotional support alternative.

Bonus reason: Training with your dog actually can make you feel better. So create a dog training program, sit down with your dog and get the ball rolling.

We would like to extend our thanks to The_Discerning_You for giving us the inspiration to write this short post. Everyone needs a little boost sometimes, why not let your dog help you out?