What to realistically expect from your dog.

Today Rover and I decided we would cover an interesting topic - What to realistically expect from my dog?

Let's get the ball rolling shall we. 

Companion for life. Yes, for life. If you treat your dog well and give him/her love and kindness you will have a companion for life that will never leave your side. Canines are the most loyal animals you will ever find and if treated as part of the family will defend you with their lives.

Home re-decorator.  Yes, you get a free home re-decorator with every canine you acquire. They will destroy every possible thing they can get their paws on. So what must we do as pet owners in order to avoid this? Training!  Lots and lots of hands on training and patience.

A ball of fluff that poops from one end and barks from the other. Yes, your new dog is going to poop all over the house, but this can be avoided. Observation and the correct training will correct this behavior and bring you closer to your dog. 

Family protector. Any canine, no matter how big or small will always have it in themselves to want to defend their pack. What is considered as part of the "pack" you may ask? You and your family! And also possibly the Creepy Crawly that your canine keeps dragging out of the pool.

Someone to talk to when you need them the most. Your furry friend will always be there to listen come rain or shine. No matter how down you are your dog will always want to brighten you up - pro tip: let them. Don't push your dog away when they want to do this. Allow them and you will form an incredible bond.

A jumpy/slobbery greeter. Okay so it sucks to have your dog smash into you as soon as you come home. But have you tried something different? Give him/her a treat, say "good Rover, I also missed you today" and watch the reaction. Walk calmly into your house and watch as your dog tells the neighboring poodle that his owner actually greeted him/her.

The most important thing you can expect from your canine is also the most important. Love. It's that simple. An unshakable bond and a road filled with many happy memories to come. So do Rover and myself a favor when you get home this evening? Give your dog a treat and say "good boy/girl" for no reason at all and watch the difference. - Rover, office dog at The Woof Academy.