What dog training is all about.

Correctly training your dog is literally the most important and rewarding thing you can for both of you. Getting stuck in with a hands on attitude and an understanding that things don't happen over night is key.

The ultimate goal of training your dog should be the following:

  • Your dog needs to sit when greeting other humans or preferably not jump up.
  • Your dog needs to walk calmly on a leash.
  • Your dog needs to understand where to go to the bathroom and when.
  • Your dog also needs to understand that constant braking is not required.
  • And finally, your dog needs to learn to suppress their natural doggy willingness to chew.

Once you have these five things down life becomes a breeze between the two of you. You can take your dog out more, do more things and simply enjoy life together. All you needs to do is start with any one of those five principles and take it from there.