The one thing that many owners never do enough of is socialization. Socializing your hound as easy as taking him for a walk to the local dog park and allowing other dogs to run up and say hi. You don't even have to remove his leash - the other dogs will do all the work for you.

Socializing your dog is such an important task that you should be doing it at least twice a month. Taking your dog to the local park won't only socialize him but also give him something to do with his day. It's also a great excuse to bond with your dog and have the whole family get involved. Once your dog is properly socialized you will start to reap huge benefits as he will be less likely to bark at other dogs, be more controllable around others and be calmer when going for walks.

If your first attempt at socialization goes wrong don't give up! Too many people try and then give up at the first attempt because it didn't work out as planned. If you do this you will jeopardize any future meetings with other dogs and set the both of you back in regards to training. Rather take your time and slowly introduce your hound to other dogs. If you are patient and strong minded things should go well. Don't be afraid to bring some treats along as well for things like good behavior. Now more than ever is when good, solid praise needs to come into play. 

If people ask to pet your dog you should also allow them. Meeting new humans is just as important for your dog as meeting new dogs is. The more he gets to experience early on in life the better things will become for both of you.