Rules for the dog park that you should be aware of.

There are a ton of different dog breeds all with their own personalities and traits running around at the dog park. With the freedom and choice they get from running around there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure a fun visit with your furry friend/s.

#1 Leave all food at home. Going to the dog park really should not be a place for a family picnic. having food around adds to the tension and distracts you from looking after your dog. the last thing you want is another dog running over with food aggression and starting a fight.

#2 Pick up after your dog. Simple. You don't want to stand on any landmines and neither does anyone else. A little bit of respect at the park goes a long way.

#3 Keep an eye on your dog. Trust us when we say the worst thing you can do at your local park is to ignore or not keep tabs on your dog. Fights, aggression and runaways happen so quickly that you need to be on your toes at all times. Don't let them out of your sight.

#4 Leave your dog toys at home. Yes, taking tennis balls and other toys along are fun for your dog. But there are other dogs out there who would also love to play with that same tennis ball your throwing around. Your dog may not appreciate another dog playing with his toy and fights can break out very easily over the simplest of toys.

#5 Obedience matters, even if it's only basic. Simply put, your dog needs at least basic obedience training before going to the park. They must know their names and be able to come to you when called. Having basic obedience just makes things a lot easier for everyone involved at the park.

#6 If your dog is nervous or aggressive, leave them at home. It is better to seek professional assistance if your dog has aggression than to simply bring them to the dog park in the hopes it will sort itself out. If your dog has a bad experience you will struggle with future attempts at walking, socializing and obedience training.

#7 Ensure your dog is fully up to date with ALL vaccines. It is the right thing to do and other dog owners will appreciate this. Keep everyone safe and healthy.

#8 Don't hang around the entrance. Once you get to the dog park take your dog straight in. hanging around the entrance will only make other dogs who are still coming in or leaving the dog park more excited. This can break out into fights etc. Keep your distance and go straight in.

If everyone sticks to these simple dog park rules everyone will have a happier and safer time at their local dog park.