Respect is earned.

Ever wondered how some puppies are calm and collected whilst others are wild savages that fear no man? The answer is simple, respect. 

Puppies know there is a hierarchy when it comes to packs, yes you are part of the pack as well, and will exploit this whenever they can. The trick is to teach them respect and to do this as early as possible so that later on you don't have issues such as jumping and chewing. Teaching a puppy respect is no easy task on its own but it is more than achievable! Start off small, first teach your puppy what no means and be firm about it. Let your puppy know that whilst they are part of the pack they certainly don't run the pack. Once you have achieved that you can teach your puppy what boundaries are. Observation is key here as you will want to stop your puppy from jumping up at you and also from diving onto the couch every 10 minutes. 

Timing is key. Don't join the masses and say your puppy is not trainable because he jumps up and goes wild half the time - you are the pack leader and it's up to you to teach your puppy this. Remember this is a pivotal moment in your puppies life span, stay on your toes and intercept all the things your puppy should not be doing. 

Whilst you are being firm with your puppy remember there are also going to be moments where he/she does exactly what you want - now is the time to jump in with a ton of praise! Once your puppy realizes you are happier when they are doing certain things they will slowly start adopting those good emotions and continue to behave.

Remember to earn respect - don't drop the ball!