Pet sitting essentials.

Bags are packed and it's time to go! We all jump in the car and off we drive. But what about our dogs? It's fine - we put down a ton of food and when we get back in a weeks time they will be fine.

Actually, they won't be. When going on holiday one needs to remember to be a responsible pet owner and arrange for a decent pet sitting service to come by in order to correctly feed and care for our animals. Whilst the food that you put down may be enough to last them a week your pets now have no human interaction for the foreseeable future. And human interaction is the key to a happy pet, this is why you raised them correct?

A decent pet sitter will ensure that the correct food is dispensed along with the correct medication if required for all pets. They will also throw a ball or two for your dogs and talk to your birds whilst preparing their meals. A decent pet sitter will also update you with either live images or location to put your mind at ease knowing that your precious animals are being cared for, no matter their shape or size.

Now that you know a decent pet sitter is required before you go on holiday, this is what to look out for when looking for one.

Pet knowledge - Is your chosen pet sitter knowledgeable on your household pets? Disaster preparedness - Is your pet sitter prepared for the worst? One of the more important ones would be responsibility - Is your pet sitter responsible enough to look after your pets whilst you are on holiday?

Always remember that a responsible pet sitter is good for both the well being of yourself and your pets.