Leaving your dog alone in the yard with a few toys is not enough.

When it comes to entertainment for your dog many owners make the same mistake - toys are thrown into the yard and your dog is now left to his own devices.

This is not Ideal for many reasons. The honest truth is your dog simply does not know how to play. He needs stimulation and lots of it! Stimulation can be anything from walks, specialized training and even teaching him new tricks. As long as your hound has something more to do with his day other than sit in the yard he will be stimulated enough.

If you can't stimulate your dog enough then consider getting him a friend. If the age gap is suitable and you are willing, a new friend would work wonders for a dog that is constantly digging due to boredom and lack of stimulation. Another great idea would be to take him to doggy day care centers or arrange to have him walked at least every 3rd day.

Other ideas would be to include your dog in your daily activities. Making coffee? Call your dog over and give him a treat for sitting, lying down and then sitting again. Let him see that there is more to life than sitting around the yard and being bored.