Key things you should know and understand about your dog.

Not every dog and dog breed are the same, they are all different. Even those that come from the same litter can be like chalk and cheese when compared to one another. Here are three things to keep in mind about your dog - you might even realize that the actions your dog chooses are completely normal and only a few small changes are required around the house!

1. Our biggest request is always for jumping - but that's normal. It just needs to be managed correctly and the correct training methods used to teach the dog what is right and what is wrong when it comes to jumping. Keep in mind that your dog is not the only one who jumps, there are tons of dogs out there who do exactly the same thing. Manage the problem and train them to understand that you do not require to be jumped on.

2. Our next most requested thing is usually chewing. Yes, this too is also completely normal! If your dog or puppy didn't chew things when they were young then I would actually be worried. Don't forget that dogs use their noses and mouths as a way of interacting with the world. What's the best way of doing this? To chew up everything to see what it is! 

3. Next on the list is over excitement. Yes, your dog will get excited when it sees you. Your dog loves you with every last little bone in their body. Why wouldn't they be excited when seeing you? The key is once again, management. Manage the situation that is making your dog excited and keep them under control. They will soon learn what is expected of them and will adapt accordingly.

So just keep in mind that every dog is different and if you do the right things and get some solid dog training in there everything will be okay!