It's a beautiful day, walk your dog!

Ever woken up in the morning, made coffee and gone to work? I'm sure you have! 

I'm also pretty sure you noticed the monotony in this as well. So why not try something different that will benefit both you and your furry companion for a change. Go for a walk. The benefits of a good, solid walk with your canine friend are endless.

He will show more compassion towards you, you two will also come closer together and form a stronger bond. Walking in a way also helps with any anxiety issues, digging issues and the usual jumping up issues. Walking your dog also allows him to see the world around him, chances are once he sees what he is actually barking at he will either stop or think twice about it the next time.

Not only is walking good for your dogs mental health but also for his physical health. Walking will keep him in shape and also help him burn off some energy. This will in turn help you save some real estate back home because he will want to relax instead of dig. Walking also helps you control your canines behavior. He will be less likely to jump up and cause chaos if he is being walked regularly. 

More than one dog? Good! This is the perfect opportunity to show the pack who is boss. Walking the pack together will not only teach them how to be calm but also teach them how to behave as a pack. During this walk one could also work in a dog training program that centers around the pack. Group activities are 

Still trying to decide if you should go for a walk with your furry friend? Ty it at least once. Rover and I promise you won't regret it. - Rover, office dog at The Woof Academy.