Interesting questions we have had regarding dog behavior and dog training!

Over the years we have received a lot of questions regarding dog training and their odd behavior. Whilst we have always tried to answer these with a straight face it hasn't always been easy to say the least! Below is some of the questions most asked with the answers to go along.

1. Hiding treats for fun? Does your dog like to hid his/her treats and then dig them up later from under the garden or from behind the couch? This act of "food preservation" actually goes back thousands of years to when food wasn't so easy to come by for a dog. We can only assume that back then food was difficult to come by and as a result dogs would hide food when they found it in order to have access to nutrition when there was none.

2. My dog sticks his head out of the car whilst driving? Ever walked past a coffee shop and smelt the amazing smells that come from within? There's your answer.. I'm sure you turned around more than once and went in for a special treat. The same goes for your dog, whilst your'e running around town they will stick their heads out of the car to take in all the smells and wonderful sights there are to see.

3. My dog does this "excited bowing" thing? That's great news! Dogs naturally assume a forward bowing down position when they want to indicate to other dogs that they are keen to play. This is a non defensive posture and is designed to indicate to the dog on the receiving end to not be wary and come have some fun.

4. Dog shakes his toy to death? Completely normal! Back in the day when your dogs ancestors were catching wild game and other small mammals the only way to ensure a quick meal was to give the victim a solid shake, effectively turning them into a quick and yummy bite to eat. 

So there you go, our most requested questions to date on dog training and dog behavior.