Important things you should be doing for your dog.

Dogs are very active animals and hardly have time to sit and think before they do something. They run around like mad things without a care in the world. This is where you come in, it's up to you to ensure that whatever your dog is doing is safe and fun. See below for some easy to remember tips!

1. Toxic foods and chemicals. This one goes without saying, keep them out of reach at all times! Your dog cannot differentiate between what can and can't be chewed, don't take that chance.

2. Keep an eye on your dogs weight. No matter how much food you put down your dog will always try to finish it. Regardless of whether or not they are full. This is natural - if your dog was in the wild they would never know when their next meal is coming, so naturally they will "fill up" on every available opportunity. Feed them accordingly.

3. Grooming and bathing is an important task that many dog owners forget about. A dog isn't an animal that can just be thrown into a yard and then proceeds to care for itself, they require constant grooming and bathing on a monthly basis. Grooming can be done once a year depending on the breed and bathing at least once a month. 

4. Teeth. Your dog has no way of looking after their own teeth. And this is also one of those tasks where you don't have to do much to be involved. Whenever you go through to the vet for their yearly inoculations ask your vet to check out your dogs teeth, it's that simple.

5. Socialization. Many dog owners get a puppy and then take it to their local dog park once or twice during that dogs lifespan. Your dog should be socializing with other dogs on a regular basis. Unfortunately once or twice is simply just not enough. The more interaction they get when they are young the better it will be for everyone when they are older.

6. Dog training. You simply cannot go on without properly training your dog. A well trained dog listens well, doesn't jump and simply enjoys life in a calm manner. Get your dog trained, it will work wonders for you!

These are just some of the simplest, quickest things you can do today for your dog.