How your dog could benefit from a probiotic supplement.

As you already know our bodies all contain microorganisms - these microorganisms live in our gut and stomach. The same goes for your dog. They too have a lot going on inside of them and a probiotic supplement could work wonders for them.

Probiotics offer many advantages for your dog. The first being improved gut function. Probiotics have been shown to have great intestinal advantages for dogs. They show strong results in combating issues such as diarrhea,  irritable bowl syndrome and different kinds of inflammatory diseases. They also help against other issues like infection, certain skin diseases and diabetes.

Giving your dog probiotics as a supplement will also assist with their general immune function. Not only will probiotics keep your dogs immune system strong, it will also assist in fighting off various types of flu. As a bonus, probiotics as a supplement will also help fight off and prevent allergies in your dog.

Probiotics also offer other health benefits for your dog such as lowering the risk of high cholesterol and combating the effects of ageing. As a supplement, probiotics will also help keep weight on your dog if they are constantly losing it. Given as a supplement with your dogs daily food intake will also help with keeping them full and satisfied. Consult with your local vet to see if your dog requires or would benefit from probiotics.