How to be a smart dog owner on Black Friday.

With Black Friday around the corner everyone is pretty excited here at the office. And then we got to talking - what about our canine companions? We realized that not everyone has the correct gear for their dogs and with Black Friday almost here it's a perfect time to get a hold of everything your dog needs. Below we have compiled a list of gear items and services we think you should keep an eye on for your dog during Black Friday.

#1 Dog bed. Has your dog chewed up his old bed? Is he in need of a new one perhaps? This is the ideal time to get a dog bed at a good price.

#2 Leads and collars/harnesses. Black Friday is great excuse to get a decent lead and harness for your furry friend. The walks that follow will be legendary.

#3 Dog house. Every dog requires somewhere to stay and now would be a great time to get one. A dog house is a comfortable place for your dog to rest and stay out of the rain and sun. The bigger the better.

#4 Vet visit. When was your last vet check-up with your dog? Contact your local vet and if your'e lucky they may be running specials for Black Friday. Your dog will thank you for it.

#5 Dog parlor. Now is the perfect excuse to have your dog professionally washed and cared for at a good price. Don't miss the opportunity.

#6 Donations. Whilst your'e running around grabbing new TV's and things we would appreciate it if you threw in a bag of dog food as well and dropped it off at your local shelter. Donations are always welcome and on Black Friday a bag of dog food won't cost anywhere near as much as that new TV did. Want to help out? Now's your chance.

#7 Dog toys/treats. Get your dog a bone! Seriously. Toys and treats should be dirt cheap on Black Friday and your dog will think it's Christmas if you come home with treats and toys for them.

So don't forget, when your'e running around grabbing shiny new things to remember there is also a furry companion waiting patiently for you at home as they have always done, through thick and thin.