How much attention does your dog actually need?

There is no perfect answer to this and every dog is different, but we can try to narrow it down at least. The basics here are simple - when you give your dog attention make sure that it is quality attention you are giving.

There is no point in giving hours of attention to your canine if you aren't focused on the task and not giving it your all. One can't simply throw a ball - get involved! Climb in there and be the leader of the pack. Throw the ball and chase your hounds, make a game of it and run away. Give them a reason to want to play, this will also help with the bonding and respect aspect of life.

Likewise when you are playing tug of war - get in there! Roll around with your dog, show them you can play and that this is challenge accepted. Don't always let them win either, let them earn it. By getting involved you will make sure your dogs earn your trust, respect you and get proper tired - BONUS!

Your dog will now have a reason to want to play and join in on whatever you are doing. Your dog might actually start bringing the toys to you to let you know they want to play. So get out there, get involved and show your canine that you too can have a good time with them!