House training - YOU.

House training - the word that most owners fear. And yet it also one of the simplest things you can teach your puppy. In order to correctly and efficiently house train your puppy, you need to become correctly house trained as well.

New puppies require observation, in fact they require a ton of it. If your puppy poops in the house then you must ask your self, where was I? Probably leaving your puppy unobserved in the house.. House training a puppy has no set blueprint or rules written in stone that are guaranteed to work. The simple fact is they require one thing, observation.

Observing your puppies routines will offer a wealth of information that you can use to properly house train your new puppy. You will learn that food timing and observation go hand in hand as your puppy will most likely want to go to the bathroom soon after eating. So time this accordingly around your schedule in order to avoid any presents left lying around the house. This is your puppy and only you will know your puppies routine, so as soon as you see the tell tale signs that your little one is about to use the bathroom then take your puppy outside. Now whilst e are outside offer tons of praise whilst puppy is going potty and feel free to offer up a small tasty treat afterwards as reward.

By doing it this way your puppy will soon learn to go potty outside rather than inside. Congratulations - you are now house trained!