Helpful tips on how to stop your dog from digging.

Digging is a natural part of your dogs life, sometimes it is even a necessity. Some dogs just dig for fun whilst others do it out of pure boredom. Digging doesn't always have to be a bad thing - see below for helpful tips on how to stop your dog from digging!

1. Toys. Your dog needs to be entertained on a regular basis. So why not get him some toys to play with? Just remember that once you have purchased a toy you must sit down with your dog and actually play with them. It won't help if you just purchase a toy for them and throw it into the yard, your dog won't know what to do with them!

2. Be mindful of how much time your dog spends outside on their own. If your dog is spending large amounts of time outside on their own in most cases this will lead to instances of digging. Try to spend some time with them outside so that they don't get the chance to dig. This is great excuse to get some sun.

3. Play time! Entertaining your dog is easier than you think. Sometimes throwing a ball or playing fetch is more than good enough. Be creative and have fun with your dog!

4. Make a digging pit. This one goes without saying. If your dog digs a lot then why not make him a digging pit so he actually has somewhere to dig? Digging pits don't have to be huge, just a few feet will do and filling it with sand will work wonders. It might just be the best gift that your dog gets!

5. Training. Keep your dogs mind fresh with some healthy doses of dog training. Training your dog is a great way of keeping their minds fresh and giving them something to do with their day. Dog training is also a great way of making your dog tired and he will most likely want to sleep afterwards. 

So there you have it - keep your dog entertained, make a digging pit and get in some dog training with your pooch and everything will be fine!