Dog training should be fun and serious at the same time.

Ever wondered how much focus your dog is actually giving you? Well.. Not a lot to be honest. This is why training needs to be as fun as possible with a single goal.

Dogs love to let their minds wonder - life is literally the same as Alice in Wonderland to them. Once they focus on something chances are they will ignore you until an instruction is given. To combat this keep training as fun as you possibly can. You really want your dogs attention as the more they focus on the task at hand the more likely they are to absorb the information you trying to teach them.

Don't forget to balance out the training as well. Whilst you want it as fun as possible any bad behavior must be corrected immediately with seriousness so everyone knows where they stand. It is a bit of a fine line but once you get it right and balance both serious and fun training methods your dog will have more fun and so will you. So keep training as fun as possible and remember to lay the ground rules early on to avoid any misunderstandings between you and your dog.