Dog training should be a constant process during your dogs life.

Training your dog can be a massively rewarding experience for both you and your mutt. Training should also be continuous throughout your dogs lifespan. There is always room to improve on and training brings both of you closer together as well - it is just as rewarding for your dog as it is to you.

As your dog ages they will need more attention from their owners - the best way of doing that is with some training! It doesn't have to be serious, just some light training will do. It doesn't matter what form of training you choose either as long as you are doing something with your dog. You could even brush up on the sit,down,stay and leave principle. Or even try something new like toy recognition. The possibilities are literally endless.

By keeping your dog up to date with the different training principles you create a win/win scenario for both of you. Your dog stays well behaved and you two can enjoy each others company more as a result. Don't forget to teach your dog some new tricks, they will love you for it!