Crate training and why it is important.

A correctly crate trained dog is a happy dog. How do I do this? Here's how:

1. Location. As the crate will be used ideally for rest, pick a spot in the home where it will be out of they way of all the noise and daily activities that take place. A spare room or bedroom would be perfect.

2. Crate type. When choosing the right crate keep in mind that your dog needs enough space to sleep in but not enough to move around too much. Ideally they should be able to lie down and turn around.

3. Being comfortable. Your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable in their crate. As this will be used as a training tool they should be happy to go in and out at any given time. Keep any obstructions away and ensure a good line of sight for your dog all round.

4. Crate training is a tool. Short times are required when crate training. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CRATE THE WHOLE DAY. Two hours at a time are more than enough. Remember to give your dog lots of love and attention during this process.

Why crate train your dog? Crate training is a great way to teach your dog many things. Things such as potty training, patience and chewing issues can all be corrected with proper crate training techniques. Start from as young as possible to ensure a good grasp of the idea and always ensure your dog is comfortable doing it.