Christmas tips to keep your dog safe this festive season.

It's that time of the year and boy has this year flown by or what!? Whilst your'e out and about exploring the world and enjoying the festive season try to keep in mind the below tips on keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

1. Water. Your dog needs constant access to fresh, clean water at all times. Don't forget to top up that water bowl before going out.

2. Regular feeding times. Your dog still needs to adhere to their normal feeding pattern so don't forget to keep them well fed and happy.

3. Comfort. All dogs deserve to feel comfortable, safe and happy. Why should the festive season be any different.

4. Security. Don't forget to ensure that your dog is safe in their yard and that your gate closes securely behind you when going out. No one wants to lose their dogs during the festive season!

5. Outings. It's the festive season and everyone's busy - we all know that. However your dog would be eternally grateful if you stuck to your usual walking and outies plan.

6. Medication. Now is not the time to forget about your dogs medication and required supplements either. Stick to the program.

And above all - have a safe and happy Christmas and fantastic New Year!

P.S - Get your dog a ton of presents, they deserve it!