A happy dog is a well trained dog.

The key to happiness for both of you is training. With the correct focus based training both of you will be in a win/win situation. What do we mean by this? Let me explain.

Dogs are creatures of habit. They also enjoy the good things in life - things like lying in the sun all day, digging and keeping their owners happy. Dogs like to see their owners smiling and having fun. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel welcome in the pack. This is why training needs to have a common goal. That goal is happiness for the both of you.

As a result of this when training you need to always ensure that you show your dog how pleased you are at all the good things they do. Let them see and understand that they are doing something that please you and you will have a different dog in no time. When training it also a good idea to involve more than one family member where possible. The more people that get involved during training the better it will be for your dog. 

So just remember - have a common goal and be pleased at the good progress that your dog makes whilst training. They love you and only want to please. Give them that chance.