6 amazing things dogs can pick up on.

Dogs aren't just amazing companions, they're also amazing at sensing changes in both their environment and their owners. Here's a short list on things they can sense:

1. Mood. Dogs are very close to their humans, a lot closer than what most people will realize. As a result they pick up on every little change of mood that you may have. Whether you're happy or sad they will know!

2. Stress. Your dog knows exactly when you're feeling stressed, run down and sick. They will often attempt to head butt you and push you somewhere where they feel you would be happier. 

3. Trust. Yes, dogs can sense if you are trustworthy or not. They pick up on eye movement, body language and tone of voice. This all gets translated to trust in their eyes.

4. Pregnancy. Got a baby on they way? Your dog knows. They can sense when you're pregnant and will either keep their distance as a sign of respect or hang around in order to offer you protection.

5. Intentions. Dogs can pick up on the subtle changes that pheromones give off. By having a good sniff they can tell if you're about to do something you shouldn't.

6. Attention. Yes, as I'm sure all dog owners have noticed you're dog knows exactly when you aren't paying any attention to them. Give them a smile and a hug, they deserve it!

Dogs aren't just your closest companions, they're also your cheapest psychologist!